Multi-Media Campaign on Gender and Power Relations - Methodology


The methodology anticipated is to partner with stakeholders interested in the gender and governance dialogue. Specific institutions identified include the Ministry of Gender, Women and Child Welfare; Ministry of Education; Ministry of Information and Communication Technology; political parties; NBC (Radio & TV); Telecom Namibia; MTC; Local radio stations; Local print media houses; Electoral Commission of Namibia; Women and Development (WAD); UN and NGOs.

The project will start with the creation and hosting of the Namibia Gender and Power Relations Campaign website that will start with a baseline poll survey; the website would cater for all national languages and English. Other implementation activities will include:

  • Develop print materials, radio and TV programs aimed at introducing the campaign;
  • Distribution points for print materials will include hair salons, open markets, clinics doctors’ consulting rooms, banks, restaurant, municipality pay points etc.;
  • Quizzes and SMS competitions with prizes would help propel the messages;
  • With social media, messages from the audiovisual bouquet would be available on social through the website in a language and format targeting social media enthusiasts, more especially the youth. In addition messages would be put in formats for downloads targeting the rural and urban population;
  • Key messages will be distributed through Cell phones, website portal, public automobiles and screens for example through school and community libraries and halls;
  • Audio messages will be packaged in CDs and flash drives and distributed to hair salons and automobiles (taxi and buses) with draws and price awards to owners;
  • Produce Audiovisual Gender heroines bouquet (women who inspire women folk and the community at large, credentials on achievements, not necessarily political, those who qualify as gender heroines must be achievers in their right, our sisters and our mothers, with aperitif slots or “sights, movement and sounds and people and gender bouquet of our heroines),  Gender Theme Song, DVD, fabric backdrops and banners
  • Produce four Gender Docu-drama films from four blocks with duration of 8 minutes times four blocks. Documentation would cover, comedy inserts, discussions, debates, interactive sessions, dramas, interviews, extra-curricular activities, workshops, relevant meetings and parliamentary sessions,
  • Produce four short audio stories and messages; these inserts would correspond to the themes expressed on social media and the location issues.

Because of the importance of gender equality, the final products of all the agreed formats would be launched by high profile personalities.